Pete Dulin is the author of four books about food, beer, wine, and spirits. His most recent book is Expedition of Thirst: Exploring Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries Across Central Kansas and Missouri (University Press of Kansas).

His other books include Kansas City Beer: A History of Brewing in the Heartland (The History Press, American Palate series), KC Ale Trail (out of print), and Last Bite: 100 Simple Recipes from Kansas City’s Best Chefs and Cooks.

About Expedition of Thirst

Pete DulinExpedition of Thirst: Exploring Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries across the Heart of Kansas and Missouri is my latest book released in November 2017. The guidebook explores 150 breweries, wineries, and distilleries across eastern Kansas and western Missouri.

Yes, I had fun doing research as I visited with brewers, winemakers, and distillers. They shared stories of their craft while I sampled their handcrafted beer, wine, and spirits. I saw a rich tapestry of landscapes from the Flint Hills to the rolling plains of Missouri to the Ozark mountains and valleys. As I reveal in the introduction, this terroir impacts the grapes grown for wine as well as the water that is transformed into beer and spirits.

Expedition of Thirst introduces the men and women behind the craft. The routes explore the landscape beyond the interstate highway. I share insight into the history, culture, and geography of this midwestern territory. The travel guidebook is filled with color photography, travel notes, and recommendations. An extensive index makes it easy to find destinations or reference grapes grown, wines and spirits produced, and beer styles available in the region. Grab this book, plot a course, and hit the road on your own adventure.

Publisher: University Press of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
288 pg., color and b/w images.
ISBN 978-0-7006-2492-8

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Press for Expedition of Thirst

Commentator Rex Buchanan of Kansas Public Radio reviews Expedition of Thirst: Exploring Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries Across the Heart of Kansas and Missouri.

“This is a great time to be a beer drinker. There are so many high-quality local beers out there, so many brewpubs, keeping up with them is an almost-impossible but highly desirable task.

Fortunately, the University Press of Kansas has just published a guide to the breweries, wineries, and distilleries of eastern Kansas and western Missouri. Called Expedition of Thirst, it’s by Kansas City writer Pete Dulin. The book covers more than 150 locations in the two states. Putting it together, he drove more than 1,500 miles. Researching this book had to be good duty.”

Read and listen to the full review on Kansas Public Radio. 

Kansas City Beer

Out of print.