Ciabatta Fervere

Ciabatta, meaning slipper in Italian, is a light, airy loaf. Fervere, a great local bakery owned and operated by Fred Stompinato near 17th and Summit, makes a delicious version.

From their website:

Fervere, (fur-vair’-ay) is the Latin root word for “passion” and “fermentation” – essential ingredients for great bread. Fervere’s oven is fashioned after the communal ovens of ancient Europe, when families in villiages took turns feeding the starters, stoking the fires and baking bread. Traditionally the fire was built on the baking surface (hearth), allowed to heat the mass of the oven, then swept clean. Fervere uses an electric heat source. The burner is pulled out of the oven chamber before baking. Because the baking chamber is also the heat chamber, heating and baking do not occur at the same time. Fervere’s slow and gentle mixer imbues the crumb with a tenderness and sweetness unique to hand-kneeded breads. All of Fervere’s flours are organic, as are all other ingredients, whenever possible.