Mr. Doggity's BBQ Sauce
Recently, I strayed from household standard Gates Barbecue sauce and tried a bottle of Mr. Doggity’s BBQ Sauce. It was given to me by the man behind Mr. Doggity Foods, Duane Daugherty.

Duane DaughertyDuane developed this sauce after lots of research, finessing a recipe and tapping a local producer to create and bottle the product. This dark sauce has a touch of sweetness balanced by a hint of spice and an herbal note that makes for a complex and distinctive sauce.

Having tasted lots of sauces over the years, I was impressed with this flavor profile and thick consistency. I’ve tried the sauce on his smoked beef brisket, hot dogs, Gates’ beef on bun, and even as a dip for pan-fried diced plaintains. In all cases, the sauce held up. I highly recommend buying some and stocking it in the pantry for daily use.

Below, Duane is seen firing up his smoker for the Slow Food KC Culinary Garage Sale held in September. He’s an easy-going guy with a nice laugh and quiet charm. He’s a good man to know when you need lots of meat to be smoked for guests such as the upcoming Slow Food KC Harvest Dinner event on Sunday, October 16th at Somerset Ridge Winery that I’ve been organizing and promoting for a few weeks now. Space is still available. Get more details and learn how to RSVP here.

Duane Daugherty