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Over the weekend I discovered Hearth Bread Company, owned and operated by pastry chef and baker Dylan Low in Weston, Missouri. I was in Weston to research Green Dirt Farm’s new Creamery for a story in Northland Lifestyle’s July issue. The bakery (17985 N. Missouri 45, Weston, Missouri, 816.805.4206) opened in 2015 and is located just around the corner from the Creamery.


Hearth Baking Company


I didn’t spend much time in the bakery. The golden loaves of German sourdough rye that Low pulled out of the oven looked hearty and smelled like an invitation to stay at the bakery forever. They were destined for sale at the Creamery. By late afternoon, Low was sold out of his daily allotment of loaves at his shop except for two multigrain loaves that were purchased by others soon after I arrived. The best time to buy Low’s rustic sourdough, golden raisin and cinnamon, and other breads is early in the morning. Be prepared to vie for a spot in line behind the locals in Weston that gather to buy fresh-baked bread.

I look forward to a return trip when I can learn more about Low, who trained at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa before returning to his hometown to start Hearth. He mills much of his own organic flour. While in his early twenties, Low’s approach to the fundamentals of baking’s tried-and-true methods seemed timeless.


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Pulling bread