I drove southbound on North Oak a couple of weeks ago and came across In-A-Tub (4000 N. Oak Trafficway). I was hungry. I stopped. Nostalgia conquered my willpower.

In-A-Tub is probably the worst restaurant name ever.

The last time I ate at In-A-Tub was back in the Eighties when I was a teenager cruising the shops and hot air balloon court at Metro North Mall. Kids wore Izod shirts with popped collars. Def Leppard ruled unless you were into Madonna, Prince or Duran Duran. I was the geek with my nose buried in books at Waldenbooks when I wasn’t checking out the lip-glossed girls with big hair that I was too shy to ask out.

Once in a while, I’d cruise past the Orange Julius, Spencer’s and other shops to eat at In-A-Tub, a popular place where teens and families gathered for cheap, greasy tacos and fried food. In-A-Tub’s tacos are only notable for their greasiness and powdered cheese dusted on top.

When I ate my trio of deep-fried tacos in an In-A-Tub that occupied a former Burger King location (or some fast food dinosaur), it brought back those Eighties memories. And a totally grody feeling afterward. Omigawd, fer shure. Like, totally.

My friend Craig Jones thinks of In-A-Tub as comfort food. Bless him.

In a Tub tacos