Dirty Force Brass Knuckle Street Band and Soul Revue and its second line of dancers, revelers, shouters, merrymakers and KC Royals fans, including yours truly, joined in the KC Royals World Series Championship Parade festivities on Tuesday, November, 3rd, 2015.

The band and entourage met at The Brick located a block away from the parade route. After a few warm-ups on the sidewalk, the band and second line took to the streets around the KC Star building. The group danced, cheered and sang to the driving, adrenaline rush of Dirty Force as we threaded through the crowd on a trial run. It was amazing to march along, give high fives to observers and be part of a citywide celebration.

During a second run, we navigated through packed crowds of thousands to Grand Avenue. Once the main parade had passed en route to Union Station for the rally, the band and party stormed the gates and led the crowd down Grand, over to Main and on to the Freighthouse District. We took to the stairs and walkway until we entered the main hall of Union Station to the delight of even more people. Because of the densely packed front of Union Station’s parking lot near where the rally stage was located, we couldn’t press on through the throng of blue-wearing, cheering fans. By then, the band and second line had done its job to add to the joy, celebration and merriment of a day none of us will ever forget.