Oysters Mestizo small
I stopped by Mestizo in Leawood’s Park Place recently to take some photographs of this new restaurant for an upcoming magazine article. You’ll have to wait a while for the story and shots of tempting entrees and the interior. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this bar with the distinctive steel centerpiece. Bottles of fine tequila rest on pedestals as if they were offerings to the gods.

The interior of Mestizo is beautifully designed and laid out. I predict that the upper deck with a great view overlooking Park Place (and the winter skating rink) will be the hotspot for drinks in Leawood by spring. During winter, gas heaters make it cozy for those daring the outdoors to enjoy the upstairs bar.

I haven’t eaten here yet, but several of the entrees looked delicious with an array of ingredients that balance freshness with layers of complex earthy and coastal flavors in a contemporary approach to Latin cuisine. Here’s the official take from the website:

Mestizo is the creation of Chef Aarón Sánchez. The name, Mestizo, represents the melting pot of cultures that defines Mexico and its people. From the Native Americans, to the Spanish and Latin American influences, these cultures define the personality of the country and translate into the cuisine. All Mexican cuisine can be traced back to the Yucatan, Pueblo or the Veracruz regions and to the ingredients that are indigenous to these areas.

Mestizo Seafood paella