Port Fonda hosted its second soft opening on June 27, 2012 with a focus on appetizers and cocktails. The full menu will be available in early July. Patrick Ryan, Jamie Davila, and collaborators such as The Utilitarian Workshop created a magical space that has character and personality derived from the use of materials, strong imagery, an upbeat soundtrack, and well-executed design.

The food is great and the drinks are amazing. Can’t wait to try more. If you haven’t already, find Port Fonda on Facebook.

Enough words. Let the eyes feast.

Chef Patrick Ryan and his son Eamon.

Matt Baldwin of Baldwin Denim had a hand in the creation of staff hats and uniforms.

Jamie Davila and Chef Patrick Ryan


I love details like the name of this cactus is printed on the container as if it were a botanical garden exhibit. Thoughtful, understated.

Artwork by Mike Wheeler, Mercy Seat Tattoo, above and below.

Port Fonda marguerita

Port Fonda lights

Jerry Fisher

Jerry Fisher

Jamie Davila

Jamie Davila

Port Fonda winifred

Port Fonda wall

Port Fonda waitstaff 1

Port Fonda Un Mas Por Favor

Port Fonda Toreador

Port Fonda staff

Port Fonda staff 6

Port Fonda staff 5

Port Fonda staff 4

Port Fonda staff 3

Port Fonda staff 2

Port Fonda reserva

Port Fonda Reserva 2

Port Fonda pig arrow

Port Fonda pencil cactus

Port Fonda negra modelo

Port Fonda Our Lady 929

Port Fonda oven

Port Fonda Patrick Ryan son 3