Several years ago, Chef Terry Mille of Cowtown Cheesecake and I prepared a spring menu as part of KC Home & Gardens’ Cooking School. Classic spring weather this year made me think of the salad and mint pea soup I prepared for the event.

We prepared a light, fresh four-course menu for the season — using lots of ingredients from local vendors. Somerset Ridge co-owner Cindy Reynolds paired her wines with each course.

The salad used fresh greens from Gibbs Road Farm, strawberries, a healthy dollop of Green Dirt Farm fresh plain sheep’s milk cheese and lemon zest. I used a simple lemon honey vinaigrette for dressing.

mint pea soup
I made the mint pea soup by quickly blanching frozen peas. Fresh peas were unavailable at the time. I tried steeping mint tea in fresh cream but the flavor didn’t infuse well. Instead, a better approach would be to add fresh hand-shredded mint leaves, cream and blanched peas to a food processor and blend until smooth. Or, use an immersion blender to puree the ingredients in a pot. Chill and serve with a spoonful of fresh mint-infused whipped cream.