Celebrity Taste Test Video from “In the Kitchen with Bonnie.” Pete Dulin, Food Writer & Author of Last Bite, appears with host Bonnie Rabicoff at Broadmoor Bistro to taste Mission Fig Braised Pork Cheeks w/Ricotta Ravioli & Sauteed Mushrooms.

Above: Broadmoor Bistro students with Bonnie Rabicoff, Chef Bob Brassard, Chef Justin Hoffman, and author/food writer Pete Dulin.

You can make a drinking game out of my appearance. Grab a glass of milk, cola, beer, wine, etc. Every time I say “absolutely” then take a drink. Oy. http://vimeo.com/53669690


“In the Kitchen with Bonnie” features interviews with chefs in a high definition production for TV, web and radio broadcast. This week also has a spotlight on Broadmoor Bistro’s students and chef/instructors Bob Brassard and Justin Hoffman. Watch that segment here: http://www.inthekitchenwithbonnie.com/archive/brassardwest/chatWithChef.html