Fried Rice and Friendship

I prepared a simple fried rice with some day-old rice, eggs, garlic, and nam pla this week. As I cooked, a memory arose of fixing a more elaborate version of the dish with my former co-worker Mark Harris.

Do Yelp Reviews About Authenticity Signal White Supremacy?

Are Yelp reviewers pushing white supremacist norms by their usage of "authenticity" in food and restaurant reviews? It's an interesting, provocative question, considering that Yelp has amassed 17 million restaurant reviews from more than 30 different countries. Writer...

Tradition and Trend in Buttermilk Grafitti

I've been reading Buttermilk Grafitti, a food memoir by Edward Lee. Lee explores melting-pot cuisine across America. His writing deftly examines cities and communities and how immigrants and cultural forces shape a cuisine or local specialty. Lee shares anecdotes and...

Ong Choy With Pork Belly at Kim Son’s

Savoring the homestyle appeal of ong choy and pork belly at Kim Son’s was worth the detour.

Smoke Signals

You cannot touch smoke. Smoke touches you. The scent of smoke from wild plum, oak, grapevine, and lavender clings to my skin, my hair, and my clothes. Smoke hangs on with persistence, a ghost that lingers, a presence that is intangible but most certainly there. As the...


Photograph by Wheat Photography.

Author, writer, and speaker Pete Dulin has presented numerous talks and conducted classes on the history of brewing and winemaking in Missouri and Kansas from the mid-1800s to contemporary times. He also explores the impact of Prohibition on these industries from past to present. Other topics for presentation include highlights of his travels while researching his latest books, Expedition of Thirst and Kansas City Beer, as well as food pairings with beer and wine.

30-year Trailblazing History of Boulevard Brewing & Kansas City with Boulevard Brewing’s Ambassador Brewer Jeremy Danner and author Pete Dulin. Hosted by Doug Piper.

• Kansas City Public Library – Missouri Valley Sunday Speaker Series, Kansas City, MO
• Mid-Continent Public Library system – multiple branches, Greater Kansas City region
• Johnson County Library, Prairie Village, KS
• Baldwin City Public Library, Baldwin City, KS
• Missouri Mashers, North Kansas City, MO
• Bishop Spencer Place

• The Business of Microbrewing – Program at Mid-Continent Public Library

“Kansas: Birthplace of Prohibition” – Osher Institute, University of Kansas-Edwards Campus.
The Business of Writing – Woodneath Library Center / Maple Woods Community College
Social Media for Writers – Woodneath Library Center / Maple Woods Community College
Chocolate Tasting for Kids – Mid-Continent Public Library system

To book Pete Dulin as a speaker or instructor, please contact him at pete@petedulin.com for rates and availability.


Pete Dulin is the chef and brand/events manager at Fence Stile Vineyards and Winery. He prepares custom meals for catered private and corporate events, wine dinners, small plate wine and food pairings, harvest lunches during harvest season, and chef’s specials that highlight seasonal, local produce and ingredients.

He first learned to cook as a kid next to his Thai mother’s side at home, preparing Thai dishes and midwestern comfort food. Professionally, he has cooked in restaurant kitchens (Le Fou Frog), hotels, and with caterers in Kansas City and Boston. He finds inspiration by shopping at the City Market during the week and on Saturday mornings during the farmers market season. His cooking is influenced by his family in Thailand, classic French culinary techniques, and his idiosyncratic approach to blending the foreign and familiar.

Above: Sauteed string beans, purple hull beans, Thai basil and shiitake mushrooms in holy basil sauce.