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  • A Thirst for Tea Knowledge Leads to Asia

    January 31, 2012 – PETE DULIN, Special to The Star. Two Kansas City tea entrepreneurs travel to Asia to steep themselves in ways to grow, process and serve an ancient beverage.

  • Shang Tea

    Zehua Shang, owner of Shang Tea located in Crown Center. He’s inhaling the aroma of fresh steeped white tea. Shang’s line of organic white teas originate from his tea fields in Fujian Province, China. While researching an upcoming story, I spent an afternoon with him talking about tea and drinking many cups of his special…

  • Thai Tea’s Sweet Salvation

    The unrelenting heat of the sun in Thailand takes its toll during late mornings and afternoons. Sunlight casts its brilliant glare and heightens the crisp colors of busy Bangkok streets. Spotting an iced tea vendor’s booth offers sweet salvation among the throngs of shoppers and fragrant food stands lining the open-air markets. Thai-style iced tea…