Shang Tea

Zehua Shang 1

Zehua Shang, owner of Shang Tea located in Crown Center. He’s inhaling the aroma of fresh steeped white tea. Shang’s line of organic white teas originate from his tea fields in Fujian Province, China. While researching an upcoming story, I spent an afternoon with him talking about tea and drinking many cups of his special two-year aged white tea. Fortunately, white tea has the least amount of caffeine of all teas.

Zehua Shang

This particular white tea was the finest I’ve had in my travels to tea houses and shops around the country. I felt fortunate that I only had to drive a short distance from my home in Kansas City to enjoy such high quality tea grown, harvested, and processed on Shang’s small farm in China.

The small white cups with lids and without handles are known as gaiwan.

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shang 5
shang 6
Lucky pig!


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